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Punch Cards | Making Chores Fun for Kids

Chore Punch Cards for Kids with Printable

You may remember my Cleaning the House is Fun to Do series from last year. I love when my kids help out around the house without complaint and I love to let them have their own spending money that they earned to buy whatever their little hearts desire. We have been using the same chore chart system for a long time now and it has worked great! We have just been crazy busy lately and so I thought it might be fun to have a little punch card system that way the kids can see the results of their efforts in a fun way.

Cleaning the house with kids

The jobs are still pretty much the same;

  1. Get Ready (eat breakfast, clear their own dish, brush their teeth, get dressed, make their bed and make sure their rooms are straightened)
  2. Read for 15 minutes and do a worksheet (as home schoolers we have lots of leftover work sheets in their books, so I just let them pick one, and the younger kids get read to by either myself or one of the older kids as part of their 15 minutes)
  3. Do their own Age Appropriate job (unloading the dishwasher, take out the trash, and clean up the living room)
  4. Help mom with the job of the day (I’ll talk more about that another time, but on Fridays-it’s thoroughly clean the bedrooms-they all help)
  5. Extra punches for good deeds, or extra jobs (mom and dad’s discretion)
For the first job they get two punches since it is quite a bit to do, but it is also one that MUST get done every day no matter what.
For all the rest they get one punch on their card.

They keep their punch cards in their wallets, and bring them to me every time they complete a job for a punch. I have a star hole puncher and a regular circle hole punch, one is upstairs and one is down so wherever I am I can punch their card when they bring it to me. You could also use a stamp or little reward stickers on these cards.

Free Printable

Chore Punch Cards for Kids with Printable
Each punch is worth a dime. When their card is full, it is worth $2. We have decided to start paying the kids on my husbands pay day; because sometimes we have to wait for things until pay day and the kids didn’t really understand that. So these are kind of their ‘time cards’ so to speak. On pay day they hand in their completed card(s) and my husband pays up.
I put little suns on the punches since I made these for summer with just a dingbat font.
For the punch cards themselves I printed them out on a heavier green paper and my ink was running out which is why it is red, but when printed on white paper with black ink, it would look more like this;

Punch Card for ChoresDownload Chore Punch Card

Punch Cards

I also saved the blank version so that I could change the graphics, and maybe the amounts, or use them for something else entirely!

Download Blank Punch Card

Let me know if you try this out!

Chore Punch Cards for Kids with Printable

What do you do to keep chores interesting without fights at your house?

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  1. says

    I just had to smile when I saw this. My kids are grown now (last one got married last fall) and this is SO like the things I did with them when they were growing up. I LOVE IT. And it is such a good way to teach them so many things. Keep up the good work. I’ll pass along this post to others. It’s great! :-)

    • says

      Well thank you! I am always coming up with hairball schemes like this to trick my kids into doing stuff for me. Hee hee! I know they will look back and think, “Wow mom was nuts!”
      Sorry about taking so long getting back to you on your comment, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it and thanks for taking the time to leave one! 

    • says

      Hi Jaime!
      Sorry about the delay on getting back to you on your comment! Summer can be a little hectic!
      I appreciate you sharing your link with me and for sharing the punch cards on your blog! Thank you!!!
      I hope you are enjoying the punch cards and that they are working out for your screen time. That is a perfect use for them! I may have to make a second set for rewarding my boys for other things since that is all they care about! 
      Hope your summer is going great and that you have some fun plans for Wednesday!

  2. amankni says

    I got so excited when I saw this on Think Pink Sundays! My Jr high kiddo wants cash for the special lunch/snack bar that they have at school but I’m not just handing it over. Best way ever to keep track of the extra stuff she does to earn that cash! I called it her ‘lunch punch’ card and the spaces are worth a quarter so the whole card is $5

    • says

      @amankni fantastic! Glad to know it’s helping you, and also that it is good for older kids too!
      Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it!

  3. Jessica says

    Love this idea and can not wait to start using it! Is there anyway to get a copy of the blank punch card sheet s that I can add my kids names and the $ amount they will earn. I downloaded your blank form but am not able to change/add to it. i am not very tech savy and wasn’t sure if there was a way to do modify it. Thanks!!

  4. says

    Tiffany, do you by chance have a version that isn’t a PDF? I wanted to adapt the blank version or just adapt yours so that it doesn’t have them earning money. I want my kids to choose things like extra minutes reading together, an ice cream cone, a rental, or from different levels of toys, or save up to buy something they’ve been eyeing. Thanks again! Mindy
    Mindy recently posted…A Family Movie AdventureMy Profile

  5. says

    I love this idea. I have tried so many different charts. They work for a couple weeks then they dont. I pretty much have to do a different system for each of my 3 kids. Savannah doesnt need step by step directions but Edward does. They are 11 and 12. And Im sure as any Mom with a teenage son knows its very hard to find something that works for him. I’m gona try this with all 3… I will let ya know how it works… Thanks for the idea…

    • says

      The punch card thing is still going strong at our house Rachel! It’s been great to have something that works for all of my kids. We have tweaked it a bit and started using time cards and punch cards together, the time cards basically just have a key to let them know how many punches each job is worth, they fill it out on their own and then I give the punches accordingly. It works well with my almost 10 year old, but the punch cards alone still work best for my younger kids. You might want to try the time sheet with the older kids, it has given my daughter a bigger sense of responsibility I feel. :)
      Good Luck!
      Tiffany @Making the World Cuter recently posted…DIY Burlap Napkin RingsMy Profile


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