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Style…With Child

The following post was written by our style expert Jaime from The Dress Up Drawer.

Happy Tuesday!
I hope your Memorial Day weekend was wonderful. My youngest…and last…. baby had a birthday this weekend and he is now 2. It got me looking back at all of my old pictures of my preggo belly and wishing (for a brief second) that I could be back in that stage. Stylish maternity clothing doesn’t have to be hard to come by. With a few tips you can still be chic and trendy even with that cute little belly.
Making the World Cuter Maternity Fashion
(Dress, Boots: Shop Ruche Sweater: Forever 21)

I love being pregnant.
Lately I have seen so many cute baby belly’s and noticed that Maternity style has sure evolved since I had my first baby.
There are so many more options out there now and designers have totally taken off running in this department. They have gotten more creative, made things more comfortable and even sexy.

Stylish Maternity Clothing

Making the World Cuter Maternity Fashion

(Dress: H&M)
I just wanted to share one ore two sites who’s clothing I am refering to. More Of Me Maternity is a great example.
Making the World Cuter Maternity Fashion
They have such a varity of outfits and dresses. Their Spring 2012 collection is exactly the same style your seeing on the non-preggo girls out there.
This next site is just AMAZING if your looking for modern maternity style. Have you heard of Hatch?
Making the World Cuter Maternity Fashion
I’m not gonna lie…. it’s pricey. But I know that not all of you who read this blog are on a school teachers salery so I had to add in this awesome site. Hatch has a collection of chic and timeless essentials that are great because they can be worn in every stage of your pregnancy and even after. Bonus.
Also, before I go I wanted to share with you a favorite blog of mine called Cotton and Curls.
Making the World Cuter Maternity Fashion
Not only is it a great blog but right now she has some great DIY maternity tutorials and she has such killer style. It’s a fun read.
To all you mama’s to be out there, I hope you are comfortable throughout this hot summer in whatever you choose to wear… and happy labors.

Now It’s Your Turn!
What are some of your favorite maternity styles?
Are you expecting? What is your favorite feel pretty outfit?

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