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Lay N Go Review and Giveaway!

Lay N Go Luggage

I am SO excited about this review and giveaway today!

I’m sure most of you have heard about Lay N Go by now…but just in case you haven’t, let me introduce you to pure brilliance!Lay N Go

The BEST way to let your kids play with Lego’s or other small toys and EASILY clean up the mess after!Clean up your legos

I am one of those moms who can’t have a messy playroom.I’ve tried to just let the kids be kids and make messes, but I can’t handle it.If I’m up there “playing” with the kids, I’m actually putting things away after them, organizing things into the correct sets and rearranging constantly to help make things more efficient.That is why I absolutely was not having Lego’s out in the playroom. The boys LOVE them, but they had to be kept up and only brought out on special occasions…like when I was out of town.I just can’t handle the mess!Well apparently I am not the only one who lives in fear of a mess of these wonderful teeny tiny little blocks being spread all over the house, because the makers of Lay N Go had the same problem.Luckily for us they came up with the perfect solution!

It’s a play mat with a little lip on it to keep the toys in, made of heavy duty denim with a heavy duty nylon lining. The heavy duty part is important since the kids walk, crawl and do all sorts of things on it. My kids have given it a good test run, and it has passed with flying colors.Play with Legos

When the kids are done playing, you just pull the drawstring and the whole thing comes together in a marvelous bag, holding all the toys inside.

Easy Cleanup of Small Toys

My almost four year old had this up so fast, it’s all a blur…literally. You may notice the one brick that didn’t make it inside…that happens when the one year old who likes to throw things is in the picture.
Easy Clean Up for Legos

If your kids throw them out, they won’t stay in, but if they are just playing with them…which most kids at the appropriate age level for them will do…then they stay in just great!

It’s a large bag that can be thrown over your shoulder for easy transport or hanging. Like I said before…brilliant!Carry Lay N Go as a back sling

This is what it looks like when it is ready to be opened up for playtime.

Lay N Go all cinched up ready to open and play

You just push the button on the clasp and pull it out, and it goes back to the play mat, with all of your little toys right inside. There are even four little pockets inside, and one on the outside to keep projects together, or special pieces that the kids don’t want to get mixed in with the rest. My boys love that option.

The reviews from my kids are glowing.

My three year old just kept telling me, “This is so awesome mom!”

My six year old said, “Now we can play Lego’s whenever we want, and we can clean them up and you won’t be sad about the mess.”

My one year old said, “LEGO’S!!!” and threw them all over the place.

You can’t solve ALL the problems with one genius product I guess! :)

My daughter really wants one for her Littlest Pet Shop toys, she has more of those then the boys have Lego’s…but she is better about cleaning them up. I am thinking I may get her one of the Lay N Go Lites though. They are smaller versions that she could bring some of her favorites on a play date or to grandma’s house.

Gift Idea for kids who love Legos

Do you want one of your own?

I thought so!

The wonderful people at Lay N Go are giving one lucky Making the World Cuter Reader a full size Lay N Go of their very own!

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