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5 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

Five Pinterest Tips

I’m sure most of you have found the joy that is Pinterest by now.

The visual smorgasbord that helps us waste even more time online, drooling over all the pretties.How many of your pretties are being pinned on Pinterest?First tip…

Find out if your blog posts are being pinned.

This is actually really easy! All you have to do is enter this URL into your browser, replacing “yourblogname” with you guessed it, your blog name!- screen like this will pop up with everything that has been pinned from your blog.Screen Shot of blog posts on PinterestThis is super useful to see what posts are pin worthy and learn to make your future posts even better!Second Tip…

Name your Blog Posts for SEO

When you go to Google or your other favorite search engine and decide to look for a yummy chocolate glaze recipe, do you just type in chocolate and hope for the best?No!

You are going to type in something to the effect of “Best Chocolate Glaze Ever” right?

Chocolate Glaze Recipe

And voila! Guess what will pop up on Google? Your post.

As far as Pinterest is concerned, your blog post title also becomes the description when someone clicks on the share through Pinterest icon that are at the bottom of your posts if you offer that option. (You should offer that option).

Sharing Icons

You want a good description on your photos when they are pinned so more people can find them.

Have you ever tried to find anything specific on Pinterest?

It is NOT easy!

The main reason for this is because people do not describe their pins in a search friendly way.


So many times when I pin something my instinct is just to post a one or two word description like, “love” or “want it” or “lol.”

Not helping anyone there.

Tip number three…

Name your Photos and Give them a Description

Search engines cannot “see” images. So you have to be their eyes and tell them what you want them to “see.”

This is all done when you add a photo to your post. Be vigilant. Do this on every photo and it will help search engines find you much easier, not to mention pinners. This is a screen shot from Word Press when you add an image.

Don’t ignore those little boxes. Fill them in! Name your photo. Give it an alternate name. Then give it a description.

SEO friendly images

The most important bit for Pinterest purposes is adding in a good description. The description on Pinterest is the equivalent to an alt tag, which is what search engines use to find your image. When someone pins an image from your site and you have written a description, that description will automatically pop up for them. That always makes me so much happier to not have to write it out when I’m pinning, and I’m sure I’m not alone there!

Still on the photo bit here, the other important picture tip to remember is number four…

Put your best photo at the top

This is not only important for Pinterest, but for blog posts in general. I know it’s fun to make your readers live in suspense of what the final product will look like, but look at all the really big blogs out there-they always have a beautiful image to draw you in.

It’s the whole “put your best foot forward” tip and it’s proven!

As far as Pinterest is concerned, most people will pin the top image just because it’s easiest. If your users use the social share icons that we discussed earlier, guess what?

Yup, it will pin that first photo.Describe your post

See what else Ashton did here? She also added a description right there on that first photo.

Brilliant. For those that don’t use the description that you have so thoughtfully prepared for them, it is right there on the photo so other pinners can see what the image is all about.

Not necessary for all posts obviously, but if that wasn’t there and all the description said was “love” that some pinner put on there…someone might think they just like chocolate donuts and not know of the awesome recipe for the best ever chocolate glaze that lies within.

Finally tip five…

Remind your readers to Pin your posts

This is an easy step and will remind your readers…”Oh yeah, I have Pinterest, and I should pin this beautifully amazing post I am reading to share with all my cute friends!”

You know how it is, sometimes we forget to pin when we are reading something in our email from our favorite blog, or reading it in our readers. This makes it really easy to remember and just takes a couple extra minutes.

Use the pin it button from Pinterest on your best photos!

If you’ve never done this before… it’s super easy! Just go to about and click on Pin It Button.

How to add a pin it button

Then you will scroll down a ways before you see the part of the page that looks like this…

How to add pin it button

Yes, you already added a description of your photo in your blog post, but you just do it again here. No big.

The big thing that I want you to get from this is to put the URL of the ACTUAL blog post the image is from!

Don’t just put your blog URL in the top spot!

Nothing on Pinterest, aside from the searching, is more frustrating then clicking on some beautiful image to go to the post and find out you have to swim through 100 other posts to find the one you are after. Most people won’t bother! You don’t want that!

The bottom line of code needs to be added into your html of your blog before the closing body tag </body>. You only need to do this once in your main blog html EVER! So get it over with and be sure to add pin it buttons in your blog posts from here out to remind your readers that your post is pin worthy! :)

Any other tips you would give to fellow bloggers to get their posts pin-able? If you don’t already, follow me on Pinterest!

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  1. says

    Ha ha! The person who pinned this post (that I followed from), pinned to your blog and not your actual post, so that was kind of amusing to me.

  2. says

    I had no idea about the buttons right in Pintrest! Thank you!!! Also that picture of the glazed donuts is so mean, lol. I’m 8 months pregnant and may be totally wanting those now, lol.

  3. says

    I know! My husband graduates in a few weeks and I want to look good for it…those donuts are the devil! :)
    Good luck with your delivery and congrats!

  4. says

    Thanks for this information, Tiffany. I gave you a shout out in my blog post just now. I put a link to your post that I referred to. I hope you’re weekend’s off to a lovely start :)

  5. says

    Thanks for the good kick in the pants! lol

    I’ve tinkered with Pinterest before knowing I need to do more with it and after reading this I’ve decided to jump in. I didn’t know about the pin buttons that you can customize the text for your readers. Nothing drives me more bonkers than seeing a post pinned on pinterest and they have copied the meat of their post/directions right into the text portion. Pre adding the text will help prevent that! Thanks!

    • says

      Oh good Michelle! I know it drives me batty too, it’s annoying when it’s your own stuff and it’s annoying when it takes up a big chunk of the pin page. No one wants to read the whole post under the thumbnail in Pinterest.

      • says

        Okay, I tried adding the pinterest button on to a couple of posts (below pictures like yours) and even made cute header pictures for it, but it didn’t work. When I clicked on the Pin It button it only had the first line (5 or so words) of what I had prepped and the picture wouldn’t show. Did you have any issues setting it up?

  6. Inspire Me Heather says

    Thanks for posting this and I’ve got it linked to my Pinterest post as well today!