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Fabric Pinwheel Flowers

Hi, it’s me…Jennifer! Ready to sew again? Today’s sewing project doesn’t even require you to have or use a sewing machine. If you are at all handy with a needle and thread, you can do these cite fabric pinwheel flowers.

Tutorial for Fabric Pinwheel Flowers

*knit fabric (I sometimes just repurpose an old t-shirt.)
*needle & thread

*Optional: protractor and paper (Using a protractor is the easiest way to make a circle pattern on paperthatyou can pin onto your fabric and cut around to make your fabric circles.)
That’s it! So cute and so easy!

Fun Ideas for Your Fabric Flowers

*Hot glue a pin to the back of a flower allowing you to pin it onto an articles of clothing, purse, or headband.
*Glue the pinwheel flowers onto a picture frame that needs a little “dressing up”.
*Hot glue them onto barrettes or snap clips to make cute hair accessories.
*Attach them to a plain pair of shoes.
The possibilities are endless!
Happy Sewing!

Now It’s Your Turn!

What are you going to use these fabric pinwheel flowers for?

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  1. says

    wow they are super cute! I recently had a bit of a sewing machine disaster as i am extremely novice when it comes to sewing… so this will be a pick-me-up project that I will definately use for a pair of shoes I have, and one for my toddler on a headband. Thanks!