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Easy Cute Craft-Bottle Cap Magnets

Hey there dolls! Kassi here with another craft for you! This time we’re making bottle cap magnets.You’ll quickly learn that the best kind of craft in my book is one that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money and can be done by anyone! So, that’s what I’ve got for you today!

Bottle Cap Magnets

Tutorial for bottle cap magnets

Supplies Needed:

Mod Podge Dimensional MagicBottle Caps(I got mine in a deal from Pick Your Plum, but you could just as easily save them from bottled drinks,or getthem at pretty much any craft store.)Small MagnetsFun shaped brads or other trinkets like beads, charms, small toys, etc.
(I got each of my fun brads from Scribble Shop.)
Heavy duty glue. I used E-6000.

You’ll want to use just a dab of the glue to adhere a magnet to the back of each bottle cap. Too much glue makes for a gloppy mess on the back. If you’re using the E-6000 just a dab is all it takes.

Next you’ll want to arrange your trinkets in the front (pocket side) of your bottle caps and fill with the Dimensional Magic. If you’re using brads as opposed to other little trinkets or beads, you can bend the backs down all the way for a sunken look when putting them in the magnet or you can bend them just a little for a more dimensional look.

I also found that using a dab of the E-6000 glue held the brads in place until the Dimensional Magic could dry and harden. I used toothpicks to move them around into the placing I wanted as well.

Tip: When making or working with magnets, a large cookie sheet covered in newspaper makes a great work surface!
It holds your magnets in place as you’re working!

Make sure you give the Dimensional Magic enough time to fully harden! If you move them before they’re ready bubbles can form in the surface where they’ve shifted!

And viola! Bottle cap magnets to pretty up your fridge!

Please don’t pay attention to my spotty looking fridge… The new ‘fake’ stainless steel is so hard to keep clean! Am I right!?! If you have tips for that, I’d love to hear… :)

Happy crafting lovelies!!!

Now It’s Your Turn!

What kind of magnets do you have on your fridge? Do you like it covered in art work or clean and pristine?

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