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A Spring-Easter Egg Bouquet

Hello there dolls! I am THRILLED to be sharing my first post today as the Crafts Contributor here at MTWC! This craft is an easy one! Just in time for Easter weekend! A Spring, Easter Egg Bouquet!

First… do you know Kim of A Girl and a Glue Gun? Well, she made these puffy hearts on a stick then used them for a few bouquets on her table. I thought they looked so fun, so she’s the one to thank for the inspiration on this one!

An Easter-Spring Egg Bouquet Centerpiece!



Materialsneededfor this craft:Scrap fabric (great way to use some of your scrap stash!)Glue gun and glue sticksEaster grassRope vase (like mine *wink*) OR a vase, OR Easter basket
Wood skewers
Stuffing or extra fabric scraps
Pencil and stencil of your shape

I had my sister, Kayli, help me with this one.
We drew up and cut out an egg shape on some scrap cardboard for our pattern, then traced it onto the back of pieces of scrap fabric using a pencil.

We cut out two egg shapes for each egg and glued them mostly together with the glue gun. Leave a small hole in the bottom for the skewer and stuffing.

Once the glue was dry we stuffed each egg with a little bit of stuffing (you could also use extra fabric scraps like Kim suggested) dab some hot glue to close your opening and hold your skewer, then stick the skewer in and press closed.

This project went really quickly with help from my sister. She cut out egg shapes while I put our ‘egg flowers’ together.
When you’re finished assembling your ‘flowers’ put a little Easter grass in your basket, vase, etc. and arrange your flowers to your liking. :) We even cut out a butterfly and a lace flower from the shapes available on our scrap fabric.

Just think, you could do hearts like Kim did… Eggs with Easter grass like I just did, flowers, shamrocks for St. Patty’s.
You could make mom a fabric flower bouquet for Mother’s Day! Sky’s the limit on this one! :)

And just for fun, here’s a closer picture of my kitchen doors… Gotta love Spring window decals. :)

Happy crafting lovelies!!!

Now It’s Your Turn!

Do you decorate for spring or Easter?


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