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Organize Your Purse

Isn’t everything cuter in miniature?

Babies, puppies, cupcakes, waist lines…how about organizing tasks?I think if we took just one little organizing task off our list each week (sure it would be better to do one each day, but just like those mini cupcakes…we don’t want to over do it!).I am going to be doing one little thing each week to make my life a little more organized and I’ll share it with you.If you want to join in then YAY!If you are already so organized that you don’t need to do anything to make your world a little bit cleaner…well eat as many cupcakes as you would like…and I hope they go straight to your hips!Teasing of course!I actually consider myself a really organized person, my mom calls it a sickness. My husband thinks I am the opposite of a hoarder…I get rid of everything.I don’t like clutter.That said, I still have areas that need to be organized…stuff gets messy; no matter how much you try to keep it pristine.

So this week I cleaned out my purse.

Just in case you’re wondering-Kohl’s, you can find it in fall colors now HERE. I LOVE this purse.

You know that thing that is attached to your side as one of your arms?

At least that is the case with me. I throw everything into this thing! When I have my husband grab it, or if he has to hold it while I miniature golf or something, he is amazed that I carry it as much as I do. It is not light.

So today I put on the latest episode of Glee on hulu, sat down on my bed and dumped her out.

Organize your Purse

  • I threw out all the garbage...plastic bag of goldfish crumbs…not really a necessity.
  • Went through all the receipts and decided what needed to be kept and what didn’t, and then filed the ones that needed to be save. Okay so it was one receipt-don’t let me fool you into thinking we buy a lot of stuff that we may need a receipt for, most of them were for pizza’s and groceries…boring!
  • I cleaned out all used up gift cards, and took out customer appreciation cards that are no longer applicable to where I live, no matter how much I cry about it, we do not live next to Sunny Han’s anymore.
  • I took all the appointment cards and wrote down the dates and times in my planner, then threw out the cards, dentist appointment in May of 2012 check. Of course I know that we will be free that afternoon this far in advance…I am that organized…enter circa 1990 phrase now…NOT!
  • I took all the kid stuff out and put it in their rooms…a hot wheel, a hair bow, a stray sock and a small Elmo figure found their way into the purse at one time or another.
  • Decided I didn’t need 14 lip glosses in my purse.
Then I looked at what I had left.
Not much!

I feel SO much better!

My world is a little bit cleaner, it’s amazing how having something like this checked off my list makes me feel more energized and happy.

When was the last time you cleaned out your purse? What’s the strangest thing you have in your purse right now? Are you going to take the challenge and make your world cleaner mini style? I want to hear about your adventure in purse cleaning! 😉

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  1. says

    I really cleaned my purse out just a few days ago! Perfect timing! :) I got a little clutch in a giveaway and used it to wrangle all of my not used often items into one space out of the way… I always have to dig through random stuff to find what I need in my purse so that really helped!

  2. says

    I actually cleaned out my purse last night! (Only because I was looking for a VERY important receipt, which I found at the bottom of the pile of course, where all important things should be kept!) The strangest thing in there? A very strange looking blue-man toy, probably from McDonald’s… and yes, I put it back in… with three kids those things come in handy in a time of crisis!