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Wagner Sprayer & Mythic Paint Review

EDIT: Contest now closed!

Are you ready to make your world cuter?

I am REALLY excited about this giveaway for two reasons.First I get to give TWO amazing grand prize packages away to TWO of you lucky readers.And second, because I got to try out these amazing products myself and take my boring boys bunk bed and make it into something really fantastic looking.Here it is BEFORE:This bunk bed has been through the gamut. It has been in my family for probably 15 years; first belonging to my brother, then my step kids and now my own two boys, it had stickers on it, marker on it and carvings of T+K on it. (Tyler bro, who is this K you loved so much?)That store that we all love to knock off so much, you know the one, has this fantastic blue bunk bed that I have been wanting forever, but then I remembered my husband and I are actually capable of DIY projects. I forget this from time to time you know.I already was head over heels in love with Mythic Paint because;

  1. They are SAFE! For people, for pets and for the earth. Literally no paint smell to speak of. LOVE that! It’s super important to me, especially on kid’s furniture that the paint has no toxins and that it doesn’t stink up the place (my boys do that very well on their own thank you).
  2. The coverage is top notch. I have been so very impressed with how well Mythic covers, usually not needing more than one, and never more than two coats on any project I’ve done with it.
  3. The COLORS!!! They are creamy and dreamy. For household projects I always look to the David Bromstad collections, because let’s face it, he knows color. For kids rooms, you can look to David as well, but they also have Land of Nod Colors that are, well, perfect. I went with Denim. It dries darker than it looks-a beautiful navy blue.

Now painting that whole bunk bed with a brush would have been much too overwhelming.

My husband would have made me do it myself, and for my DIY projects DIY stands for do it yougether if you catch my drift.

Introduce a super awesome power tool, and I had a hard time getting a turn.

The Wagner Power Painter Plus really is fantastic, and we were able to get a beautiful paint job in no time flat, you will love this paint sprayer because;

  1. It’s fun and easy to use. Just push the trigger and sweep it over your project.
  2. It has EZ tilt technology. Literally can paint in any direction just by turning the nozzle. My husband thought this feature was the bees knees. I did too.
  3. It’s powerful! Plug it in and go. It has a paint and a stain setting so that you can get just the right amount of pressure.

It’s perfect for DIY projects like cabinets, furniture make-overs, shutters, doors etc.

How many of you have things like that, that need a good paint job?

Want to see how my bunk beds turned out?

The boys decided they didn’t want bunk beds anymore, just two twins, which this bunk bed happens to be able to do easily (we actually have enough pieces painted to make three twin beds-so when the one year old is out of his crib there will be three little blue beds all in a row, how cute is that?).

I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!

You itching to get some of that beautiful paint into that power sprayer and go crazy?

The Prize:

I am so excited that TWO of you are going to win a prize package worth over $225!

1 Wagner Power Painter Plus (retail value $129.99)

2 gallons of Mythic Egg Shell Satin Paint in your choice of color (retail value $47.99 each)


How to Enter:

(Please be a follower and/or subscriber to Making the World Cuter before entering this giveaway) (To copy text, highlight and then hit control C on a PC, control V to paste)

ENTRY ONE: DO BOTH, then come back and leave me ONE comment letting me know you did BOTH.

  • Go to Mythic’s Facebook Page, like them and tell them; I would love to paint my (fill in the blank with what you want to paint) @Making the World Cuter with Mythic Paint!
  • Then go to Wagner’s Twitter Page, follow them and Tweet; I would love to paint my (fill in the blank with what you want to paint) with@WagnerSprayTech
  • (If you are not on the social media band wagon, and would still like to enter, you can do either of the entries below)
  1. Go to Mythic Paint and choose what color you would like AND watch the video for the Wagner Power Painter with EZ Tilt and then come back and let me know in ONE comment what color you chose and something you learned in the video. It can be anything-just so we know you watched it. :)
  2. Take a picture of your “project in need” and post a link to it in the comments, (you can upload it to your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blog…whatever, just give us a URL to look at!)

Total of THREE possible entries only. All additional comments will be deleted.

Contest Details & Disclosure: Giveaway will end Tuesday, October 11th and two winners will be chosen from eligible entries on Giveaway open to all US Residents, 18 years +, void where prohibited. Winners will be asked to share a before and after picture of the project they choose to paint with this prize package, and will be featured here on Making the World Cuter, and a link will be shared on the sponsor social media pages as well. Winners must like to make their world cuter and be super, super excited when they win, squeals of happiness and snorts of giddy laughter will in this case be tolerated. I received the same package as the winners will receive and I loved every second of it. No further compensation was given, and as always all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for entering, and good luck!


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  1. Sarah Yoder says

    The Wagner Power Painter can spray at any angle without spitting or stopping because of the flexible suction tube.

  2. Schmidty says

    I learned that the sprayer doesn’t need to be re-primed after a refill, due to the design of the valve at the end of the tube that keeps the paint from dripping out during refill. Nice!

    One of the colors I like in the green range is the My Garden # 155-5 .

  3. Amanda says

    I liked Mythic’s FB page…don’t have twitter, so couldn’t do that. But I would love to paint my Family Room with Mythic paint!

  4. Alicia E. says

    I commented on Mythic Paint’s Facebook page and tweeted the @WagnerSprayTech message from my account, JunesparkLily!

  5. Alicia E. says

    I would choose to paint my living room in Red Delicious from Mythic Paint’s Land of Nod collection. And I learned that because of its sprayer’s design, you can use the Power Painter with EZ Tilt at any angle, even upside down, and it would still work the same!

  6. Elizabeth DeHart says

    I subscribed, posted on Mythic FB, same name
    and Wagner twitter (@lizdehart)

    It appears copy and paste is disabled on your page so I was unable to provide the links.

  7. jackie f says

    Paint color: pocket full of posies from David Bromstad kids collecction
    Video: The flexible tube tracks materials and doesnt have to be refilled as often.
    Picture: tagged in girls bedroom pic

  8. BizzyMom says

    Would love to paint my dresser set in Light Reflection.
    Watched the video and I AM SOLD on it!! I like the flexible tubing so you don’t have to keep refilling so often and you can paint at an angle!!
    Oh, the things I could do, including staining my deck!! :)

  9. says

    Hi there!
    I did both of these ( facebook and twitter post) and also a follower…would LOVE to win this since we are moving and actually are in need of the sprayer and paint- what a blessing this would be!!!!!!

  10. says

    I would use the RED WALL color on my garage – I have used sprayers before, but I didn’t know that the new Wagner could spray in any angle – that is HUGE. I can’t tell you how many times I have had a sprayer clog and sputter because I didn’t keep it level. I want one of these Wagners! :)

  11. says

    I’d like to use the paint color “grey rain” and I love the fact that the Wagner sprayer won’t sputter and can be used at any angle!

  12. says

    I would choose SMOKE & MIRRORS for my paint color in my livingroom (I think) It might need to be a little lighter. Love the fact that the Wagner can be used a any angle.

    Have a God Filled Day

  13. Savta says

    I ‘liked’ Mythic Paint on FB and commented, and tweeted same to Wagner [ my first Tweet ever]. Thanks for having this give-away, I am sure that who ever wins will be very happy

  14. Savta says

    I watched video and was especially struck by the ability to use at any angle. Would love Emerald Bay to paint trundle bed with!

  15. Tara M says

    I liked (and wrote on their wall) Mythic Paint’s Facebook page and started following Wagners tweets(and also, twweted them what I would paint)!

  16. says

    I love David Bromstad and love Smoke and Mirrors paint. This wagner paint sprayer is great because of the ability to tilt the sprayer. I’d love one of these

  17. LeAnn says

    I liked Mythic’s Paint! WOW!
    It is so nice to not have smelly paint, some times paint fumes make me so sick!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. shel says

    I like the “Bonbon Blue” paint from Mythic and I watched the video: I really like the fact that there’s less need to stop and refill the cup, the valve retains paint so there’s no need to reprime the unit when you refill the paint cup which saves time. I also love that there’s no spit or spatter problems with the Wagner.

  19. Cynthia C says

    On the video, I learned that the Wagner sprayer has a flexible suction tube that allows it to spray at every angle.

    I might choose Pebble Beach
    167-2 for my bathroom.

  20. says

    I would choose Light as a Feather and I learned from the video that the flex tube prevents annoying splats of paint when the paint holder starts running low. This has always been my biggest complaint with sprayers… not an even and smooth coverage.

  21. Betsy Hoff says

    I like The Salt Water Taffy Color and I learned that Wagner’s Power Painter has a flexible suction tube which is why it sprays continuously at any angle!

  22. Tara M says

    I think Sapphire Gem 022-6 would be a nice match to our washer & dryer. What I learned from watching the video was about the tip of the flex tube retaining paint so no need to reprime, I was disappointed that the video didn’t share with us the ease (or unease) of cleaning the sprayer.

  23. says

    I learned that the flexible tube is key to being able to spray at any angle. And I would love to paint anything in Mythic’s Statue of Liberty. It is a lovely blue/green/grey color.

  24. Nava says

    I posted my need-to-be-rehabbed objects on both Mythic’s facebookpage and Wagner’s twitter page.r

  25. Nava says

    Dino or You’re So Jaded are my favorite colors so far!
    Its way cool that Wagners allows you to tilt the spray up OR down AAAND not sputter!

  26. says

    So many colors…. I am waffling between Raid Delay and Brownstead. I love that you can paint any direction with the Wagner…nothing worse than a dripping sprayer.

  27. Tabitha Deweese says

    I like the color Dolphine Bay. I learned that you can use the power sprayer at any angle, even upside down, and it will still work.

  28. Tracy P says

    I learned that the flexible tube moves from side to side following the material where ever it flows.
    I’d like to paint my downstairs bathroom Adobe DB3-8

  29. Debra Lee says

    I posted on Both Facebook and Twitter with the comments you left. Also liked Mystic Paint on Facebook and Following Wagner on Twitter!

  30. Tonya Dean says

    GFC follower – Tonya Dean
    Went to Mythic Pain facebook page, liked and commented.
    My daughter has been wanting purple and black stripes.
    The flexible tube is what makes this one so different


  31. says

    Liked and commented with a linkback Mythic on FB! I am not a twitter user… so I did the additional entries and will comment w/ those :)

  32. says

    Visited Mythic paints website…. and I love the color Silvery Seafare… I watched the video I LOVE that refill are cut down with the way the tube tilts…

  33. Stormy says

    You can spray at any angle without it getting stopped up or spitting. I would like blue bomber

  34. Pauline M says

    I’m a new google friend (pauline15_01) and I’m a mythic facebook fan (pauline1501) and commented under the giveaway notice on the wall!

  35. Jaque R. says

    Ok! I completed the Facebook and Twitter requirements and tweeted here: oops, can’t seem to copy and paste link…I am @sottovocerocks
    Thank you. :-)

  36. tina says

    I would love to paint my hallway with mythic melted truffle. I think my favorite feature of the wagner power sprayer is the the flexible tube that allows you to go longer in between refills. That would make the job go that much faster

  37. Jill L says

    Follow via GFC under the name Chip. I ‘like’ Mythic’s Facebook Page (Jill Lear) and let them know what I would paint and also follow Wagner SprayTech and tweeted them @chipdip2010

  38. Jill L says

    Well I was going to work on my bedroom but know I would love to choose peaceful princess for my daughter’s room and there is a reserve in the tube so you don’t have to reprime when you need to add more paint.

  39. deana c says

    I would choose the Cow Jumped Over the Moon color and I learned that the flexible tube is what makes the ez tilt work.

  40. says

    I liked & commented on Mythic’s FB page & I tweeted what I wanted to paint with the Wagner Sprayer! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. says

    I would LOVE the Mythic paint in Island magic color. I watched the video and learned I NEED ONE OF THESE! :) I love the easy tilt feature, being able to keep spraying at any angle. Awesome! As I watched, I realized I have several other paint projects I need to add to my painting list.

  42. Trae Deweese says

    I like the color seattle sky. I learned that you can use the power sprayer at any angle, even upside down, and it will still work.


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