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We don’t have a real yard where we live now.

It’s kind of a drastic change from the football sized yard we had a few months ago.Instead we have rocks.Lots of rocks.

Lots of Rocks

So I did what I do…I made ‘em cuter.

Making Rocks Cuter

Now decorating on rocks is nothing new for my kids, but decorating rocks with moms stuff…with her permission…and even joining in…that was new.ABC RocksThe whole neighborhood joined in, and helped me use up a bunch of my scrapbooking stash, (don’t you love Porter’s bed head…it was Saturday, and we weren’t going anywhere. I love it!)ABC RocksThen we spelled out words kind of like Scrabble free for all, and we played pull a rock out of the bucket and tried to see how many words we could come up with that started with that letter…and then when that got old we had to try and guess what word they were acting out that began with that letter. Learning with RocksWe literally played with rocks for hours.

Educational, fun, free and the best part…I got to spend a whole lot of quality time with some of my favorite, most cutest people in my world.

Rocks with Words on them

Grab some stickers and some rocks and play today. Your kids will love it…and chances are, you will too.

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