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Be Splendid! I got my Christmas Cards done!

Lifestyle Crafts just released their new Be Splendid line and I am in LOVE with all the Christmas-y goodness! Here are a few of the dies I got to try out, I’m sure I will find LOTS to do with them, and not just for Christmas things either. The banners would be great for baby cards and showers, also the one would be good for a flag type cupcake tag. I love the 3 dimensional look of them.


The tags are GORGEOUS and will be adorning all manner of gifts under my tree, and the alphabet has me excited to make a sign that has something to do with Santa…doesn’t it just scream Jolly old St. Nick? Once I get it all figured out and created, you know I’ll be sharing it!

I also got a chance to play with the Wintertide Letterpress plates. I heart this set! So much wintery prettiness!Letterpress Christmas Plate

The first thing I did was blind emboss (letterpress without ink) all of my envelopes with the dots. This is really easy with the Letterpress machine (tutorials here) and the envelopes turned out gorgeous! I think a Christmas card in a textured envelope that is so reminiscent of snow falling would be so fun to receive in the mail, don’t you? I mean how many fun ENVELOPES do you get? Makes it all the more exciting to see what’s inside…Letterpress Christmas Cards and EnvelopesI also pressed a snowflake in navy blue into the back of each envelope to coordinate with my cards. So much fun texture going on. Letterpress Christmas Cards and EnvelopesSee how they coordinate so nicely? Letterpress Christmas Cards and EnvelopesI decided to just go simple and elegant on my cards. I pressed the snowflake and the greeting and attached a strip of scrap book paper along the bottom in pink; it’s just wintery and elegant don’t you think?Letterpress Christmas Cards and EnvelopesI plan on enclosing a family photo and a small family update in the same size and a fun little extra surprise. I cut a bunch of stars in pink to include as confetti in some….Letterpress Christmas Cards and Envelopes…and the word Joy to enclose in the others. I’m excited send them out.

Letterpress Christmas Cards and Envelopes

I think they will be really fun and elegant.

Do you know what I am most excited about?

Being done with my Christmas cards.

In December.


Do people say that anymore?

They should, it’s fun.

Remember you can get 20% off your purchases at Lifestyle Crafts with code CUTE BLOG. Go get yourself some goods and you can finish your Christmas cards early too. :)

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  1. says

    OK, Miss Amazing, I finally put away the last Christmas box from LAST year….left some piles in the garage way too long… and you’re already done with your cards for THIS year. :) Good thing you’re busy Making the World Cuter, because I’m just a little behind on saving the world these days. Thanks for the inspiration! The cards are ADORABLE.

  2. Becky says

    WOW!!! & I thought I was Miss Overachiever because I was close to getting all my Christmas shopping done. WAY TO GO!!!
    p.s. what embossing machine do you use?