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Making this Skirt Cuter Refashion

I’ve had this skirt from Express for as long as I can remember. It’s knit, comfy and well made…it’s like wearing sweat pants.

The problem is that it looks like I am wearing sweat pants, so I usually pair it with a tee shirt and zip up hoodie, and call it good. Well, I don’t want to go out looking like I’m in sweats any more, so I decided it was time for this skirt to get cuter.First, I cut it off to the length that I wanted it to be, and I don’t have a picture of this, but I just sewed up a hem on the bottom with 2 straight edged stitches all the way around.Then with the remaining fabric, I cut 6 strips.
I turned my sewing machine stitch length to 4 and then I sewed a bunch of ruffles! :)
The actual hem of the skirt I made into a ruffle as well so that it could be on top an look all clean.Taking the top ruffle I pinned it to the skirt how I wanted it.
Then I just pinned all the others below that until I had the look I wanted.
Finally I just stitched those on to the skirt, trying to stay close to the original stitch line on the ruffle.And voila!
I think that it was, I didn’t feel like I was in sweats at all! It felt very feminine & flirty, but still very comfortable. LOVE. :)

What do you think? Was mission “Making This Skirt Cuter” a success?

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