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Making this Skirt Cuter Refashion

Once Upon A Time my now pregnant sistergot married, and I was her bridesmaid.

She got married on the beach, and we all wore white linen skirts.

It was a beautiful wedding, and I was happy to not be in a hideous dress made of taffeta or some other equally horrifying material.
But now-nearly 5 years later-the white linen skirt (from Old Navy) is a little drab.

Skirt Refashion

Refashion Time!!!
  1. I cut off the skirt to the length I wanted it.
  2. With some of the lining of the length I cut off, I cut some thin strips (you can see where this is going right?)
  3. I liked the raw edge of the skirt and lining of the linen, it gave a nice fray, so I just sewed an 1/8 inch line around the bottom to keep it from fraying any further than that-and didn’t bother hemming it.
  4. With my stitch width set to 4, I whipped up a bunch of cute little ruffles, this time sewing right down the middle of the strip.
  5. I played around with the ruffles and pinned them where I wanted them.
  6. Then I just sewed them on….and the reveal….

I’m pretty thrilled with it! :)
What do you think was mission ‘Make this Skirt Cuter’ a success?

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