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Baby Nerd Shirt Tutorial

I wanted to put together a little bow tie onesie tutorial because my baby Oliver has been wearing them a lot lately and they always get a ton of compliments. He is really cute in them, although I was a little skeptical at first.Baby Nerd

Bow Tie Onesie Tutorial

My mom has this thing for suspenders, as a kid it was kind of humiliating, I mean “parents just don’t understand” and all of that right? She wanted me in suspenders while I just really wanted to wear boxers over my pants!
Well now I can see their appeal, especially on cute little babies.

My mom made one first.
Problem though, my mom made this bow tie out of fabric that she didn’t pre-wash. When I washed it, the whole shirt was ruined and stained brown, plus the bow tie wrinkled up bad and wouldn’t lay flat.
So I transferred the pieces over to a new shirt and sewed the bow tie completely down to the shirt on all sides so that it would stay put.
Cute huh?

Baby Nerd Shirt

I love him in it!
One more little problem though-he is rolling all over the place right now and those big buttons really bother him when he is on his tummy-so I will have to reserve that one for church…
…and I made him one that he can wear any day.

Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas

First you will need your supplies…which you probably already have laying around if you have a baby and if you craft or sew.
Onesie (with shoulder fold overs like this one)
Buttons (flat if you have a roller or tummy time kid)
Needle & Thread
First you will need to make a bowtie.

How to make a bow tie

Then you just attach it all to the shirt!

  1. To make it easier to sew on the bow tie, I sewed a small piece of ribbon onto the neck of the shirt (and I messed up on the numbering #4 should actually be #2) then I wrapped the bow tie in the small piece of ribbon and sewed it into the inside so that no thread shows on the front of the shirt.
  2. Sew down the edges of bowtie, especially if you made it out of fabric.
  3. For the suspenders-Fold over the ribbon and sew the button onto the fold, that way you don’t have to worry about fraying or trying to get a clean edge.
  4. (see step #1)
  5. Sew the other end of the suspender ribbon under the shoulder piece on the onesie.
  6. Sew the button onto the shirt-really tight and secure, you don’t want baby pulling it off and choking!
  7. Take picture of cute baby wearing his little nerd shirt.

Giggle when your baby makes this face and poses just like a little nerd! :)

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  1. DesireeNemec says

    Did you use any special ribbon? I was worried about what ribbon material would wash well…

    • says

       @DesireeNemec I didn’t. But since I sewed it on, it didn’t have a problem that I recall. The houndstooth was shiny, I don’t know what kind it was, and the polka dot was a grosgrain. Both held up over multiple washes, though the hounds tooth might have frayed a bit on the bottom. It was covered by the buttons so I never really noticed! Good luck, and I would love to see your finished product! :) 

  2. Jeanette says

    Love this idea and it is absolutely so adorable! One solution for keeping the ribbon from fraying on the end is to singe it with a candle flame. I have done this before with other projects I have done, even making dimensional cards. It works!
    Thank you for sharing this adorable pattern.

  3. says

    As I recall Rachel, it did! I answered a similar question above in the comments. My baby is now 3, so it’s been awhile! I think I just turned it inside out to wash it. You can singe the bottom of the ribbon to keep it from fraying another reader suggested.
    Hope that helps!
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