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Handmade Christmas…again?

Do you do handmade Christmas presents with your kids for their siblings? Do you even have them give gifts to each other? Do you have them draw names?
Just curious.
We have done Christmas’s where the kids don’t do anything for one another. I don’t think we will do that again, now that my kids are getting old enough to actually be involved in the gift giving.
We have drawn names in the past, especially when we have my step-kids for Christmas, because we bought the presents, so it saved money, but I don’t feel like that is really teaching anyone the true meaning of giving-going out and spending mom and dads money.
Last year we did a fully handmade Christmas.
We made all of the gifts. All of them.
Santa brought each kid a gift from their wish list, but every other gift was made with love.
It was fantastic!
The kids made meaningful gifts, spent a lot of time working on them and making them just right, and were more excited to see their siblings open their gifts than opening their own.
Which is what Christmas should be, right?
Problem-now I feel like we have to do that every year.
It makes me tired just thinking about it! :)
Plus, I feel like we need to do just as good as gifts as we did last year-which will be a challenge, since mommy just had a baby and is in school; and daddy is in the last year of his program before his internship which means he is not around much.
I guess we just need to bite the bullet and get going on it huh? Christmas is only 61 days away…
61 days people!!!
Here are a few things we did last year…I have some ideas up my sleeve for this year-but I have four kids which means 12 handmade presents from the kids and the ones from me and dad-I’ve got some more thinking to do that is for sure!

Christopher made these cute little boxes and puzzle blocks for both of his siblings…

Bekah made a Wooden barn and filled it with handmade blocks with farm animals on them for Porter……and she made this beanbag chair for Christopher.

Porter made his siblings each a jar of play-dough, which I think is what Oliver will be giving to everyone this year…so that takes care of three of the gifts, and Bekah has her ideas all ironed out, so that takes care of three more.
Six more gift ideas needed.
Anyone got any fantastic…not too time consuming, but still a good quality gift idea that a 2 or a 4 year old boy could make for his siblings?

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