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Toot Toot Tuesday-EZ Lap Desks

I didn’t get to making what I wanted to this week yet, so I’ll show you something we made last year for our little home-school/pre-school group.

All of the kids got pieces of just some MDF cut to about 11×16-or somewhere in that vicinity.

Then we all just did what we wanted with them, to decorate, so that all the kids had little lap desks to bring with them to which ever house was hosting that week.
It worked out great, and my kids still use theirs all the time.
They are great for coloring when they are sitting on the floor, or doing little worksheets while laying on their stomachs.
I of course pulled out the old chalkboard paint to make my kids’ even that much more useful, and my kids love to use them to play school with.
I painted on their names with good old craft paint and mod-podged some stickers on (the red sticker up the side is a ruler).
Some of the other moms let their kids put their hand prints on them, scrapbook paper on them, painted the whole thing, let their kids decorate them…they were all different, but the kids all loved them!

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