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Easy Soap Pocket Tutorial

Soap Pockets
This might possibly be the easiest and one of the better ideas I’ve come up with in awhile!

My kids always drop the soap and then can’t get it picked up in the tub.

We started buying those kids soaps that were slip proof-pretty cheap and a great idea, but when you were done with it, you just throw out the little mesh thing.
That was one of the problems, the other was that I can’t seem to find them in a lot of stores, especially around here in my small town-they are either out of stock or no where to be found.
In comes my idea to make my own reusable soap pouches with loops to hang them when the kids are done bathing. (Note: After I thought of this, what I thought was so original, I saw that they have soap pouches you can buy at Wal-Mart for like $3 a piece, but they do not have a hook to hang them, and they are not home-made with items around the house, and they only come in one, maybe two colors).
I made these for nothing.
That’s right. Nada.
I had this stuff at home, and I’m betting you have similar items you could use as well.
I started with 3 of those baby washcloths that are small, cheap and soft. I have about a dozen of them that I have gotten with gifts for baby showers.

DIY Soap Pockets

My original idea was to do it with the knitted washcloths, but I don’t knit, and I only have the couple that my friends have made me. But if you knit, or have a bunch of them, I bet those would be even better, because of the whole exfoliation factor.
Next I took a scrap of elastic, but you could also use cording, ribbon or anything else that you can sew to a washcloth-and then sew the loop to your washcloth on the wrong side.

DIY Soap PocketsThen, after you have your loopie sewed on, sew the wrong sides together, leaving the edge with the loop open to insert your soap.
DIY Soap PocketsTurn your pocket inside out.

DIY Soap Pockets

Insert soap.
Easy Peasy.
I sewed all three of my kids one in less than 5 minutes and took pictures too.
DIY Soap PocketsI handed it to Bekah as she was getting in the shower, see how happy she is? :)
Soap Pockets DIY
My kids are easily thrilled.Our shower used to have a handheld shower head, and still has the little holder for it. The bags hung nicely on there, but would also hang on the faucet, or either the hot or cold knobs-we’ll see where they end up.

DIY Soap Pockets

The nice thing is that they can be thrown in the wash when they get grubby-you don’t even have to wait for the soap to be all used-which is really nice, especially for my boys.
Expert Review by Bekah-“It worked perfectly! I just got it wet, and it was all soapy. And I didn’t even drop it once!”
I told you my kids are easily thrilled.

Now It’s Your Turn!

What’s your favorite tub time trick to get the kids clean?

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