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CUTE Hooded Towel Poncho

Hooded Towel Poncho Tutorial

I wanted to make some new towel ponchos for the kids for the beach, and decided to add a hood this time just to make them a little more cozy-and my kids love them. It’s the best of both worlds; a hooded towel and a poncho towel!

This is one I made for my friends little girl for her birthday-my daughter is super stoked to be modeling it isn’t she?
She was sad that it wasn’t hers…she isn’t sad now that she has her own. :)

Hooded Poncho Towel TutorialHooded Towel Poncho Tutorial

  1. Fold your towel in half, (if your towel has a wrong side, then fold it wrong side out) and cut a slit in the middle for the head hole.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  2. Fold the slit over and pin it down, on one side only.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  3. Next take a cut in half hand towel, take the raw edge of the back of the circle and the edge of the hand towel and put them together-center the hand towel with the circle. Fold the hand towel over, folding the edge of the circle over as well and pin it the rest of the way around the circle.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  4. You will have some hand towel left over on both sides of the circle once you are done pinning, just keep pinning around the front.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  5. Then just sew around the edges with a zig zag stitch, I went over it again with a straight stitch, just to be sure it was good and sewn down.
  6. When you turn the towel inside out, you will have the raw edges inside, and you’ll see the beginnings of the hood.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  7. Fold the hand towel backwards all the way to the seam and pin in place-then sew the edges together.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  8. Turn the hood inside out and your towel poncho could be complete…unless…Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial

    Sew on Pockets

  9. …you want to add cute pockets-which you do right? :) Take a wash cloth and cut it in half this way.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  10. I had some dark brown canvas that I was using for another project, so I cut a chunk out of it. You could use whatever fabric you wanted, I like that the canvas is heavy, I think it will hold up a little better.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  11. Then I cut out initials for each of my 3 kiddos for one pocket.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  12. And their choice of sea animal for the other.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  13. Then I just sewed them on to the front of the pockets.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  14. I hand sewed the buttons on.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  15. And here they are all done.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  16. Take the back flap of the pocket and pin the tops where you want them and sew them on.Hooded Poncho Towel Tutorial
  17. Then fold the pockets up, pin them up, tuck the raw edge in and pin them up, and then sew them down the sides and on the bottoms. Just to warn you, you will want to use a stronger needle for this part-I broke a couple weaker ones…but its all worth it.

Hooded Poncho Towel TutorialAs you can see, it is a one size fits all kind of thing for kids, I moved the pockets up according to height so that they could reach them-they are all super excited, and want to wear them all day long.

Hooded Poncho Towels

Now It’s Your Turn!
What’s your favorite way to enjoy the water in the summer time? Share in the comments!

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