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School House (Chairs) Rock!

One of my favorite makeovers to date; my school chairs makeover. I LOVE these!

Trash to Treasure

school chairs makeover
I picked up these sad, but cool school chairs off of the side of the road one day and they stayed in my garage for months waiting to be given a makeover. They were used as spray painting benches for my husband and daughters project which is why they are red and white…

School Chairs
school chairs makeover

Finally I got it together and went to work!
First we spray painted them white.
Then we took off all of the seat and the bottom wood piece-and used spray adhesive to put pieces of foam (cut to fit) on them. I used two pieces of foam for the seat to give it more “cush.”school chairs makeoverFor the seat; I just measured the fabric a bit bigger than I would need to cover the top and sides and then I folded it over the wood and tacked it on to the seat. Then using hot glue I made sure that fabric wasn’t going anywhere when we put the screws back through the chair that held the seat on. school chairs makeoverThe top slat of the back of the chair wouldn’t come off, so I made a little slip cover for it…like this…school chairs makeoverThen I put the longer piece in the front of the chair and pulled it up in the back and secured it with velcro for now, until I get the urge to put some buttons on it-but I’m in no hurry. school chairs makeoverThe bottom slat did come off and I was going to make a sleeve for it before I put it back on, but it was much easier to just sew a rectangle in the right size and put a few buttons on the back so that it can easily be removed if I ever decide to change the fabric or wash it. school chairs makeoverHere is a side view of one of the finished chairs…school chairs makeover…and a top chairs makeoverAnd here they both are in their little home as a sitting nook in my living room. They add a splash of color to my little black and white world and I love them! school chairs makeover

Now It’s Your Turn!

What Trash have you turned into a Treasure? Share in the comments!

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