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Construction Birthday Party | Can we Party? Yes we Can!

Construction Birthday Party

My little 3 year old had his first ever friend party, and since he is all about big trucks, dirt and boy stuff, what could be better than a construction party? Nothing, that’s what! It went super well, and all the little details really added to the party!

Construction Birthday Party Invites

I made little toolbelts for the 3 little friends he invited. He is much too young for a party I know, but his sister just had a big shin dig, and he is also too young to understand that he is too young! So a party he had!

The invites have 4 little pockets that I sewed on the paper and then added paper tools in each. The invite itself was a blue print rolled and tucked into one pocket with the information, and a little poem I wrote up. I stapled some ribbon to the edges of the belts so they could wear them and handed them out to each of his friends. 

The first thing everyone saw was this construction themed birthday banner. It took forever to cut out all those little pieces for the trucks and the roads along the bottom, but I put it on chip board, so it can last through more boy parties that will be coming up!

Construction Birthday Party Banner

Add some big yellow balloons and you’ve got yourself a party!

The table was almost too simple, but really added to the fun. The boys absolutely loved it! All it is, is a garbage bag cut open for the tablecloth and 2 stripes of crepe paper for the lines down the middle of the road.

Construction Birthday Party Table

The cake was so simple, but SOOOO cute! I just used one of my son’s toy dump trucks, cleaned it out really good and laid down some parchment paper on the bottom. Then I just made a couple batches of brownies, cut them into squares and piled them in the back to look like dirt. I threw some gummy worms in there for the boys to find when we scooped up the servings. They ate it up! Figuratively and literally.

Construction Birthday Party Cake

For the party, I went to the dollar store and got some nail belts (that I sewed a little loop of elastic to hang hammers from), hammers, tape measures and screw drivers.

When the boys came they got their nail belt and then picked out a measuring tape, which they all promptly put in their belt.

We had lunch…construction workers brown bag lunches which consisted of sandwiches, ding-dongs, Cheeto’s and a juice box. Then they played with the train table that we had set up while waiting for everyone to finish.

Then we had them build their own toolboxes. Chad cut out all the pieces before hand and sanded them down. We handed out wood glue, nails and hammers to each of their daddy’s and let them build it together. I couldn’t believe how well this held their attention! Even the youngest who has no attention span…or patience for that matter, sat and hammered until it was done. They got to keep their hammers and put them in their box or their belt.

Here is the birthday boy with his finished project. So proud of his handiwork!

No party in our house is complete without a pinata! I LOVED the construction birthday party theme for the simple fact that I could make a wrecking ball pinata! Just paper mache around a balloon, popped it, painted it black and hung it. I didn’t even have to cover the hole for candy. Fantastic.

Construction Birthday Party Wrecking Ball Pinata

We also made little thank you gift bags for after the gifts. I bought the favor bags at the dollar store and Topher helped me write out the thank you cards.

Inside I put some John Deere fruit snacks, a screwdriver and a full size Hershey bar wrapped in black paper that I made look like roads and added little cars to them. They turned out really cute and the boys were super excited to get another tool and a big boy candy bar!

Construction Birthday Party Party Favors

Blowing out the candles and finishing up a successful birthday party!

Now It’s Your Turn!

What part of the party was your favorite? Share in the comments below!

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  1. Sara says

    Jeepers. Just looking over all your pix and birthday fun from the past week. You are simply amazing.

  2. suz says

    You are seriously out of control…
    I may have to copy you- Ryken is 2 in May. Goes by way too fast….


    Tiffany- you are a genius!!! I love the cake idea and am amazed at how you made such a wonderful bday party on a budget! Such a smart gal and yeah I will probably have to copy this lol. I seriously love the cake idea:) And he is SO cute. Those truck pictures!!! WOW! He looks SOOOOO happy. I love it.

  4. Lisa C says

    You are freakin’ amazing! The banner, the toolboxes, the dump truck birthday cake! So cool!