5 Reasons You Need a Fall Tote Bag

5 reasons why a fall tote bag is the accessory you need this season.

  It's fall ladies! Time to pull out your beloved boots, sweaters, scarves and jackets from the back corner of your closet. Fall fashion is finally here, and most of us. from what I hear, love dressing for this season best. I know I do. I've already told you about my obsession with boots. I should probably do a post about scarves one day...I have quite the collection, and lots of ways that I wear them. I love all fall fashion obviously, but my newest fall trend obsession are fall tote bags! I should rephrase that. I have never been a purse collector, I would much rather have boots than bags. So when I say I am obsessed with fall tote bags, what I really mean is I'm obsessed with THIS fall tote bag. I don't feel like I need more than one, as long as I can wear it with pretty much everything. Leopard is a neutral, so we're good! A requirement of ALL bags that I ever purchase is that it needs to be able to be organized easily. I'm a control freak as anyone who knows ... [ Read More ]

11 Slow Cooker Recipes

11 Slow Cooker Recipes

Hi everyone! Hope you had a fantastic week! I have been a little MIA, because we went to the Oregon coast for the week. I couldn't believe the weather! Usually it is pretty gray and foggy, which of course is beautiful, but it's also chilly. It was in the high 70's, low 80's all week with perfect sun! I have never been to the coast with that kind of weather, and we go quite a bit since it's only a few hours away. It made me want to plan our next summer vacay in two years (we plan a trip every other rather than yearly). We usually do California, but I am thinking we should go bigger! Orlando vacations are known across the US for their child-friendly theme parks, beautiful weather, and world-class accommodations. What's your opinion if you've been to both? We've only ever done Cali, and I so want to do Orlando while the kids are still young. I've got time, but I like to start planning early! Back to the present though, just check out these beautiful slow cooker recipes! Fall is here, and ... [ Read More ]

3 ingredient yummy chip dip

3 ingredient yummy chip dip. Corn, Beans and Rotel. Yum!

I just love the simplicity of this recipe. It has lots of flavor and yummy texture, and anything I can dip a chip in is a friend to me! Okay, okay, so to call this a recipe is a stretch! It's basically just dumping things in a bowl and putting it in the fridge. But hey, you do have to stir it, so therefore it becomes a recipe. :) 3 Ingredient Yummy Chip Dip First you need is a can of beans black or kidney are my favorites for this, but if you want to use a different kind, then do it! Next you need a can of Rotel. Stock up on this stuff, you can use it in salsa, chili, tacos, chicken and of course this dip. I usually get original, but if you can't handle a little heat, then go for mild. Grab a bag of frozen corn out of the freezer, no need to cook it or thaw it, just pour it in with the beans and Rotel. Now stir...see I told you it was a recipe! Put the whole mix in the fridge if you can wait to serve it, the flavors meld better that way, but it's good to go right after ... [ Read More ]

13 Fun Pumpkin Inspired Ideas | Block Party

13 Fun Pumpkin Inspired Ideas

Happy Fall Y'all! Fall means pumpkins...and OH how I LOVE pumpkins! Last week we had a bunch of great pumpkin inspired recipes, crafts and even some graphics to help you get you in a pumpkiny mood! Check out these, and be sure to pin the pumpkin image to your fall Pinterest boards...and those of you who are featured, thanks for the pumpkiny goodness! 13 fun pumpkin inspired ideas Pumpkin Steamers Starbucks Knockoff Recipe No Sew Pumpkin Treat Bags Pumpkin Pi Onesie Pumpkin Pillow Pallet Pumpkins Pumpkin Social Media Buttons Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Spiced Pumpkin Dip Drop Cloth Pumpkins Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub Paper Pumpkins This week I get to host the party, and party it is! It's FALL! I hate to say goodbye to summer, but fall is my favorite, it's when I really thrive! It's my jam. :) I hope you'll come by and say hi at Making the World Cuter if you are joining the block party at one of the ... [ Read More ]

Sears #MoreToYou (Help for Busy Moms)

Sears #MoreToYou

Brought to you by the lovely people at Sears, who are bringing #MoreToYou and me. :) Okay, it's time to get real here. I'm a homeschool mom. That means I have 4 kids with me ALL THE TIME! When summer abruptly ended last week and my kids had to start doing school work again, they didn't get on a miracle yellow vehicle that took them to a magical place where they learn to read, write and do math. Nope. They woke up at about 9, pulled some clothes on and opened up their laptops at the dining room table. I tried to pretend that I had everything organized for once and started doing the job of teaching them out of text books, short educational video clips and piles of notebooks and folders full of worksheets. By noon, 1:00 at the latest they are done every day and guess what? They're still here. I don't have the luxury of 6 hours of kid free bliss to run errands, clean house, do some blogging, catch up on a favorite tv show or read a book. I made that choice...and I ... [ Read More ]

September Visiting Teaching Message Handout

September Visiting Teaching Message Handout

September already? It’s time for this month’s visiting teaching handout! If you are wondering what this is, please check this post here. This month’s message is on:  The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Comforter Jesus Christ promised, “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you” (John 14:18). Knowing that Christ will comfort us can bring us peace and inspire us to follow His example by ministering to others. I loved this quote by Elaine L. Jack and took a part of it to make this month's handout. It would be cute to give with a pair of gloves, a hand towel, some hand lotion or soap, a treat of any kind or just as is. :) “In visiting teaching we reach out to each other. Hands often speak as voices can’t. A warm embrace conveys volumes. A laugh together unites us. A moment of sharing refreshes our souls. We cannot always lift the burden of one who is troubled, but we can lift her so she can bear it well." I made this little handout that you can print out at your ... [ Read More ]